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* Design: White Trim

* Size (mm): 1200W * 35D *  750H

* Watt: 60W

* Colour Choices: Warm & Daylight & Cool white

* Brightness: 0%-100%

* IP rating: IP 44

* Switch: Sensor Touch

* Light: LED Light

* Mirror Function: Demister

* Left Button: Switch On or Off Demister

* Right Button: Colour & Brightness Control

* Installation: Hard wired. Professional installation recommended

* Warranty: 3 Years

White Trim LED Mirror | Demister | 1200*750

SKU: FB-KC12075

● High-performance and energy-efficient LED mirrors with color-changing white border provides endless possibilities for your bathroom and home environment.

● Featuring sophisticated shapes, this mirror is a bold take on modern bathroom style.

● The border of the mirror is precisely designed to provide uniform illumination in all directions, especially suitable for those who love doing makeup.

● The soft blue light touch-sensor buttons are easy to discover in dark environments, even when the mirror is off.

● Touch sensor switch with memory function that automatically connects to a pre-selected mode when the mirror light is turned on.

● The White Trim LED mirror is complete with a demister and sensor switch. It is available in 6 size options.

● The built-in mirror defogger will keep your mirror condensation free and ensure that your reflection is always clear even after a long shower.

● This mirror is convenient to install and hang to the wall due to the smartly-designed angled panel hook located behind the mirror.

● Perfect for creating a flawless bathroom experience.

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