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  • Fully cleaned bowl;
  • Hygienic NANO-GLAZE protection
  • More powerful flush;
  • Less water splash;
  • High-quality R&T flush mechanism
  • Quieter.


Water Rating4 Stars 
Flush StyleCircle
Dual Flush4.5/3 Litre
SeatSoft Close
SetoutWall (P Trap) or Floor (S Trap)
Water InletLeft Top Rear cistern/Bottom Left or Right
Warranty-Vitreous China Product5 Years
Warranty-Seat and cistern internals12 Months

Back to Wall Soft Close Toilet

SKU: FT-5140
Out of Stock

Our flush projects a circulating whirlpool of water that reaches practically every point inside the toilet bowl. The flush water cleans the entire toilet bowl thoroughly and significantly reduce waste buildup. 

The gravity pull plus significant centrifugal force create a much more powerful flush that maximizes the cleaning action, washing almost anything away efficiently. 

The power of the water is bundled and enhanced in a single direction for cleansing without any mist or spray.

Compare to the traditional wash down flush and siphonic flush, this water flows in a more smooth way, and result in much less noise from jet and drain.

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