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FA-MG900-SS(Sintered Stone)

* Material: 
Cabinet: Plywood
Basin: Ceramic

Top: Sintered Stone
* Colour: 
Cabinet: Natral Oak
Basin: Glossy White


* Sizes (mm):
* Waterproof Cabinet
* Wall-mounted
* Manufacture pre-assembled
* Soft-closed fully opened drawers
* Warranty:
Domestic use: 36 Months
Spare parts: 12 Months
* Acc: 
Chrome Basin Mixer
Pop-up Waste

900mm Ariel Wall Hung Vanity | Sintered Stone Top

SKU: FA-MG900-SS(Sintered Stone)
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● It should not be placed under strong sunlight or placed at much dry place, that would prevent split and deformation.  

● If it has a crack, it would be embedded by mixing up with putty and pigment to keep it as the new one. But it should be noticed that the putty and pigment needed to be the same colour to prevent leaving a scar imprinted.  

● Burn marks: If there is burning on the cabinets, leaving a burning mark, it would be taken away by using the cotton to wipe the marks and coating with some wax.  

● Iron marks: If leaving some white ironing marks immodestly, it would be wiped by cotton with some alcohol, floral water, kerosene or strong tea.  

● Water stain marks: Using wet cotton to cover on the water stain marks, and then using the electric iron to press for many times carefully, it would be disappeared.  

● Scratch: If there is a scratch on the cabinet, paint untouched the wood inside, it can be used with the same colour as crayon or paint, smear on the cabinet, to cover the exposed background, and then coated with a thin transparent layer of nail polish.  

● Before dusting the cabinet, it should be stacked on some detergent. Don’t use the dry cotton to wipe, prevent the scratch. Bathroom cabinets should be used by artificial humidifying in the dry environment.  

● Wax regularly: every 6-12 months, using paste wax on the cabinets. Before waxing, it should erase the old wax by the warm non-alkaline soap water.  

● Repairment of scratches and dent: the simple method is to use a cotton or brush to coat the similar colour of shoe polish.  

● Removing the watermark: Using a clean blotting paper on the watermark, heat the electric iron on it, or using the salad oil, toothpaste to wipe, and then wipe up and wax.  

● Removing the white mark: Mixing the soot and lemon juice, salad oil, and then wipe up and wax.

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