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New Design 2020 (Customised)

What a crazy year this has been. How can it be September!? But no matter what is the weather outside, FRECO Bathroom is always onboard for you.

As appreciate your support during this period, we are really happy to offer you this competitive pricing and meticulously designed vanity collection.

- Top:

* Using the most popular material in the world this year - SINTERED STONE. It is perfecting the blend of industrial process with natural minerals to create a surface which is more resistant to chemicals, abrasion, scratching, impact and thermal shock. Shortly, it is stable, strong, waterproof, scratch-resistant and portable.

* Under-mounted ceramic basin. Simple fashion and easy to take care of.

- Cabinet:

* Made of Solid Wood, lasting longer.

* Spray paint, maintain real wood grain texture and waterproof.

* Dark Grey colour, perfect fashion colour for any bathroom tiles.

- Handle:

* Moden golden colour, more stylish (Chrome or black available).

* Made of stainless steel, non-corrosive characteristic gives it a long lifespan.


* Three normal size (width) available: 800mm / 1000mm / 1600mm

* Could also be customised to any size you like.

* Two colour options for top: Black / White

* How long: 8 weeks from your confirmation to onboard in NZ.

Welcome to contact us for more information. We will greet you all the time :)

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